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The Project
"Industrial relations in the commerce sector: analysis of the models and organizational instruments developed by the social partners at the European and Member states level for the purpose of guaranteeing greater opportunities for workers and businesses."

This is the title of the project of which the "Ente bilaterale del terziario: distribuzione e servizi della provincia di Perugia" (National Bilateral Agency of the Tertiary Sector: Distribution and Services of the Province of Perugia) is the leader. The project is financed by the European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue.

The initiative has been joined by the organizations representing employers and workers of other European countries such as: Confederaciò de Comerc de Catalunya (Spagna), Labour Institute of GSEE (Grecia), Latvijas Tirgotàju Asocacija (Lettonia), Buurt Super (Belgio), e Euro Commerce – The retail wholesale and international trade representation of the UE (Belgio); inoltre sono soggetti supporters la UNI EUROPA (Belgio), Confcommercio imprese per l'Italia (Italia) , La FISASCAT – CISL (Italia), la FILCAMS – CGIL (Italia), e la O.I.Y.E. Greek Federation of Private Employees (Grecia).

The purpose of the project is to share, among the partner countries, the best practices in trade union representation matters. Also, the positive actions agreed upon by the social partners with regard to five general themes will be analysed:

  1. Employment contracts for entering the labour market which envisage training paths for increasing workers' skills;
  2. work/family balance;
  3. managerial models that envisage worker participation and pay systems tied to productivity;
  4. support for the income of workers and businesses;
  5. workplace safety
As a consequence, the development, analysis, and dissemination of these studies will aim to promote:
  • the knowledge and awareness of the National Collective Labour Agreement of reference for the specific sector, in order to help create a healthier market, reduce unfair competition, and lead to a model of trade union relations that is able to combine the quest for competitiveness with the development of the local socioeconomic environment.
  • a stronger participation of union members in concertation activities, i.e. dialogue and co decision, in order to better identify the real market needs and make the trade union relations process an integral part of the company managerial culture, thus strengthening the role of concertation.
  • the knowledge, among union members, of the opportunities offered by national bargaining for the benefit of businesses and workers.
To achieve these goals, various activities are planned, including:
  • transnational seminars for the analysis of the documentation of partner countries;
  • national informative seminars with the workers and companies represented by the social partners;
  • dissemination of the documentation by newsletters, Internet website, Web forum, and brochures;
  • production of a publication compiling and organizing all the documentation produced;
  • final conference at the Eurocommerce headquarters in Brussels to announce the results.

"This project has received funding from the Union"

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