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Who We Are
The "Ente Bilaterale Nazionale del settore Terziario" (National Bilateral Agency of the Tertiary Sector) is a joint body made up of the employers' and workers' national trade unions CONFCOMMERCIO and FILCAMS-Cgil, FISASCAT-Cisl, and UILTuCS-Uil on the basis of provisions of the CCNL (National Collective Labour Agreement) for the Tertiary, Distribution, and Services sectors. The legal nature of the agency is that of an unincorporated association, and it is non-profit.

The Agency is at the centre of a widespread network comprising over one hundred bilateral agencies set up all over the country.

The Agency supports businesses and workers with services arranged by the employers' and workers' trade union organizations.

Ente Bilaterale Territoriale del Terziario Umbria
Tel. +39 075 506 711
Via Settevalli, 320 - 06129 Perugia
codice fiscale: 94048500543